Watercolour Tutorials

I’ve been creating art tutorials on YouTube since 2020. In the last two years, I’ve really focused on watercolour projects that you can follow along with if you’re a beginner and provide inspiration to more experienced artists too.

I work in seasons, with four distinct themes a year. In the last year, I’ve tackled drawing architecture in perspective, designing repeating patterns, making abstract compositions, colour mixing and more. Projects are varied in skill level and subject so hopefully you will find something to get you painting!

You can find much more information on my tutorials including traceable line art, supply lists and photo references over on my dedicated teaching website https://loudavisart.com

To subscribe to my art tutorials, visit my YouTube channel.

Sample a recent video here:

Draw with me

In 2023, I set up a new channel on YouTube for my fine liner art. Most of my printmaking begins with creating detailed line art and this channel documents the process of collecting and developing patterns that will eventually make it into prints.

In this second channel, I focus on mindful and meditative drawing with ink on paper, share my process for screen prints and my studio practice.

Follow me there for geometric pattern construction, celtic knots, minimal pattern development and sketchbook play with pen and ink.

To draw along with me, visit my YouTube channel.

Here’s a video showing how I drew and printed a colourful geometric screen print in my home studio:

In Person Workshops

I teach small groups in person at one-off workshops in Edinburgh through the Arienas Collective.

You can choose a range of workshops through the collective. Currently I teach screen printing, gel printing and drawing and watercolour classes with a focus on designing simple patterns for relaxation.

Visit The Arienas Collective for a full list of upcoming workshop dates and booking information.