Resonance 3 colour reduction lino print


3 colour reduction lino print on Zerkall Handmade Printing Paper

Printed area: 30x30cm

Paper size: 46x46cm

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3 colour reduction lino print on Zerkall Handmade Printing Paper. Edition of 6.

Printed area: 30x30cm

Paper size: 46x46cm

There are events that split the world into before and after. We measure our lives and our time by them. They come without warning, they always take us by surprise. Often these events are traumatic, the death of a loved one or a life changing injury. What I had in mind here however is the foreshadowing and memory of something more life-giving; a new love, a fresh start. This is the very moment of change by which we’ll measure our lives from now on. This is the decision, the happening, that ended an old life and began a new one. This is a blessing and it shimmers like the desert sun. We set our altars to it’s height and take note of the mountain where our holiness took root.

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Although every effort has been made to ensure the quality of your product, this is a handmade print and small variations may be found. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, send us a message and we’ll try to put it right.


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