Circle of Squares Screen Print – Magenta and Rust


4 colour screen print  on Fabriano Rosaspina Paper. Edition of 7. Printed area approx: 40x40cm Paper size: 50x50cm The print is sent unmounted and unframed, packaged in sturdy cardboard and acid free tissue, prints shipped outside of the UK may be sent in a protective tube, otherwise they will be shipped flat. Orders will be posted from the UK within three working days. UK deliveries will be sent tracked and signed by parcelforce. Shipping is free within the UK. Please contact me for a shipping quote if shipping to your location isn’t available. I do my best to match colours…

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After a little hiatus in screen printing, I returned to the studio with renewed focus, and began work on a series of prints with strong geometric forms and using a lot more colour than I have in past editions.

This print uses a repeating motif of squares, spiralling out from the centre. The colours merge and blend and are overlaid with detailed stripes of gold, where the spirals go in the opposite direction. This is in a sense, a fractal form, where every ring of squares is equal in proportion to every other. More rings could be added both outside and inside the circle without changing the essential nature of the shape. It is a segment of infinity, because circles could be added to the centre without ever closing the gap, and could be added outwards forever. As such, this image represents the beauty of what we can know of the universe, we can scale up and find out more and more about planets, solar systems and stars, and find that as we go, there is always more. We can scale down, and learn about atoms and particles, quarks and bosons, but know there is still more strangeness to uncover. We know in part, and that part is beautiful. How much more beauty is there to discover?