Projects on this page are commissioned works in a variety of styles and mediums or works that I’ve made that have been licensed for use in different ways. I have varied interests and skills and those who know me like to challenge me to make or design items for projects. Sometimes these are art projects, but not necessarily! If you have a project in mind and you’d like me to consider it, please contact me.

Screen Print

Complement Screen Print

Complement was a print that started life as a commission to celebrate a wedding. I took inspiration from the texts the bride and groom had chosen for their ceremony and developed a print based on a type of mathematical knot that resembles a mobius strip (where the inside of one half is the outside of the other).

The print was developed into a screen print with gold leaf and detail layers. The first in the edition went to the couple. Click on the image to see more detail.


Fully Illustrated Booklet

Working with the Lincoln Theological Institute, I contributed a number of digital illustrations to ‘Filled to the Brim’, a digital resource created by participants to a collaborative research project between Dr Wren Radford and members of Poverty Truth groups in Glasgow and Greater Manchester.

Find out more about the project and view the completed booklet at the link below (opens in new tab).


Small Press Printing

I am very lucky to have two tabletop Adana presses. I use these for letterpress experience days with community groups and events and I take on small print commissions using traditional methods of setting vintage metal type.

Projects include wedding invitations, business cards, menus, greetings cards, poems and bespoke sketchbooks.

I only take on a couple of these projects a year but find working in the studio with physical ink and type extremely rewarding.