Mark-making, simplicity and detail are important aspects of my work. My process starts with drawing using fine liner pens. Some drawings are then developed into screen prints using multiple layers of colour and gold leaf, others become digital artworks.

I begin with exploring abstract patterns, building up a visual vocabulary of lines and decorative forms. From these I develop abstract works that have a conceptual element. My areas of interest include economics, social justice and the environment.

I began my art career making textile art and painting with acrylics but soon developed an interest in print. I took a printmaking course at Leith School of Art where I fell in love with screen printing and have been developing my skills in that medium in my home studio and at Edinburgh Printmakers. If you’d like to try it for yourself, I teach one day screen printing workshops with The Arienas Collective in Edinburgh.

You can follow along with my pattern collecting and drawing processes on my fine liner YouTube channel, and on Instagram. I encourage you to draw along with me and develop your own patterns from my starting points.

You may be here looking for the Lou Davis who makes watercolour tutorials, and that’s me too! I’ve been sharing regular art projects for beginners on YouTube since 2020 featuring plenty of mark making and abstract patterns alongside more traditional subjects like buildings and seascapes. Find resources and more information about those at my dedicated tutorials website.

Screen Print

PhD Project

From 2017 to 2024 I have been undertaking a research through creative practice PhD through the University of Glasgow on the topic of economic justice.

I made 13 prints in this series, mostly screen prints, using lines and mark-making as visual metaphors for concepts of debt, inequality, the effects of debt forgiveness schemes and the concept of jubilee.

Works shown here use similar methods of making repeating lines following sets of ‘rules’. The rules for each piece are slightly different, and they change at points in the drawing process to reflect real or imagined changes in circumstances. They are visual models or clues to how behaviours change in complex systems.

Mindful and Minimal Art

Follow along on YouTube as I share how to draw geometric patterns in fine liner, offer ideas for mindful drawing techniques and share my printmaking processes and studio practices.

Screen Print

Edinburgh Street Scenes

In this series of screen prints, I chose to highlight the late afternoon sun that streams through Edinburgh on cold winter days. I’ve used gold leaf to pick out the highlights where the sun warms the buildings.

Screen Print

Small Joys Collection

This affordable collection of hand pulled screen prints is designed so that all the prints can work together to make a beautiful gallery wall.

The designs are a variety of styles and the colours are all my favourite neutrals and gold.

They are made to standard sizes to fit off-the-shelf frames.

Print designs are available in gold on black Colorplan paper and grey on white Fabriano Rosaspina paper in 13x18cm, A4 (21×29.7cm) and 30x40cm.

Each print is made in a limited edition of 50. Take a look at the complete collection in my online shop.