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I’ve been invited to lead more art workshops in recent months, often around doodling or colouring in, and more recently, on making Mandalas. I’ve put together a new workshop page on this site to let you know what you can expect if you ask me to lead a workshop for you. They can be tailored to your event or group so if you like something I create but it’s not on the workshop page, don’t be afraid to ask!

I recently received some amazing feedback from a day of workshops I led back in March. Here are some of the lovely comments I received:

“Deceptively simple but very freeing and accessible to all.  Well facilitated.  Went away encouraged in how I could use this both for myself and others.”

“I found this very inspiring.  We often meditate on scripture, but this form of meditation using art I think will appeal to a wider group and also I think subtly changes the way you listen to a piece of scripture.  Very powerful.  Definitely my favourite workshop.”

“Brilliant workshop would love to do more.”

“I was unsure what to expect at this workshop, but being a doodler I put my name down for it – and I’m glad I did.  It was excellent, well presented and well prepared for.  I, personally, got a great deal from it and have used it in my quiet time every day since.  I would hope at some point it could be used in a bible study setting for those who better express their thoughts on paper (rather than the spoken word).”

And here are some photos from my recent Mandala workshops, all from very talented students!

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