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Week 1 of my art every day project

I have been fascinated by ritual recently* and decided to create a ritual of a small, simple drawing every morning. Others have often found value in simple rituals of prayer or meditation and I’ve found the idea compelling but never made it work for me. This is my attempt to find a comfortable ritual in which I find meaning and value in patterns which repeat and evolve over days and weeks and to daily create space for the kind of peace and purpose that accompanies drawing for me. I find my thoughts being drawn to many topics but rarely those that make me anxious. I find worry and flow aren’t good companions, and one will always oust the other. I find God present during those times and I become aware of the world in new ways. I want to see what happens to me as a person if I incorporate such time as a daily ritual. Will it change me? Will I generally become more peace-filled and less anxious? It’s too early to say yet but I’ve been enjoying the drawing!

Occasionally I may make a video as I did this week and share some of those thoughts with the world.

*Asking questions like – how are ritual and habit related? Are rituals necessary for individual and society to function well? How do we create meaningful rites of passage? etc.

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