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Summer Exhibition 2019

When I visited the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition for the first time, I knew I liked art, was energised and inspired by what I saw. I made art compulsively; but it mainly sat in drawers until I got bored and shredded it. It took others to get me to take it seriously.

This year, I’m in the show. It was the first time I’d submitted anything and I was delighted to be shortlisted, and even more amazed to be selected. Last Friday I visited the gallery for varnishing day, when the artists get to preview the exhibition, and saw my work on the same walls that have hosted just about any name in art history you can think of.

I want to say a huge thanks to those who’ve encouraged me, taught me, prodded me to get on with it and those who’ve helped in a million practical ways too, as well as those who’ve supported me by buying prints. You know who you are! I am more aware than ever before that none of us really achieve anything on our own, we do it with the support and backing of friends and family. To my wonderful friends and family; thank you.

The exhibition is on at the Royal Academy of Arts from June 10th to August 12th. Do go and be inspired and energised yourself and I’ll look forward to seeing your work there in future years.

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