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I’ve signed up to do a printmaking course, starting September for a whole year. I’ve loved pretty much every type of printing I’ve ever done (apart from a disaster trying to make a collagraph one time, but I’m up for giving it another go!) so I’m really keen to do this. We’ll work through a number of different printing processes and of course I will share the results with you all here.

I’ve been doing some research in preparation and wanted to share some of the people who are inspiring me.

Sister Corita Kent

Occasionally I’ve come across vibrant screen prints with really positive life affirming messages on them and realised that they were by the same person. Sister Mary Corita Kent was a Catholic nun who made pop art screen prints and taught art in America.

I love the boldness and use of colour. There is nothing restrained about these. They are pure joy and passion.


All images from Corita Art Centre

Mark Hearld

You may have seen some of Mark Hearld’s greetings cards adorning a mantlepiece or two, usually featuring birds or other wildlife. He has a very distinctive style but uses different media to produce a whole range of paintings, prints and objects. He uses lino printing, lithography and collage.

This video is a very good introduction.

(If you like this you should check out the other videos in the series. The one on Jonny Hannah is particularly lovely.)

That’s all for now but maybe more next week (if you’re good!)

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