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There are events that split the world into before and after. We measure our lives and our time by them. They come without warning, they always take us by surprise. Often these events are traumatic, the death of a loved one or a life changing injury. What I had in mind here however is the foreshadowing and memory of something more life-giving; a new love, a fresh start. This is the very moment of change by which we’ll measure our lives from now on. This is the decision, the happening, that ended an old life and began a new one. This is a blessing and it shimmers like the desert sun. We set our altars to it’s height and take note of the mountain where our holiness took root.

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Screen Prints for Charity

In 2017 I undertook to make regular prints, the proceeds of which would go to different charities. The prints were inspired by events from current events and passages from the book of Matthew. For sales, please visit the Dot and the Line online store.


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Created for the ‘World Turned Upside Down‘ group exhibition in Leeds, October – November 2017. This is a visual poem created in response to the Beatitudes – Jesus words setting out what his kingdom was to be about.

Taking inspiration from the lives of Edinburgh women as they transcend poverty, homelessness, harassment, bullying and structural inequality. This work is a representation of the joy, beauty and wisdom that breaks down barriers.

This work comprises of nine hand pulled two colour screen prints.


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The Butler Print

This print was a commission from the City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, who gifted a print from the edition to a lovely couple who were moving away from Edinburgh. The print was designed to complement a 200 year old etching of the original church building.

30x40cm. Printed area approx 20x30cm.

This is a hand pulled four colour screen print.

Edition of 30

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This print emerged from a practice of engaging in screen print as a ritualistic activity and allowing innovation and uniqueness to form from layering multiple transparent inks.

82x59cm Framed size

A unique collage of screen prints with gold leaf detail.

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Colour Therapy – New Exhibition with Kate Christmas Artist




Kate Christmas and Lou Davis are taking over the lovely Tide Art Gallery & Coffes Shop in Portobello for the month of October with our vibrant artwork. Our bright colours and cheerful designs are the perfect antidote to the darkening nights and the onset of winter. So come along and cosy up with a warm drink, meet the artists, maybe do some colouring in and spend an evening by the sea.

Launch event 6-8pm 7th October 2016 – Exhibition continues throughout October.


I am an artist working predominantly in textiles, especially silk, upon which I hand paint my designs. I love the fluidity of silk and the way colours retain their vibrancy.

Art for me is an important way of drawing people’s attention to the world around them, there are so many things to see if you notice the small details. My interests are many and varied, from the natural world to folk tales and mythical creatures and the internal parts of washing machines.

Ultimately, I love exploring patterns and shapes in all their various forms.


My drawings and paintings illuminate my thoughts, representing people, places and stories with colour, line and movement. Many are abstract, though some could be considered true illustrations. I create almost compulsively, like doodling in the margins. I work in any media: pens, paper, paint, 3D doodling pens, paper sculpture, textiles, felt. What holds everything together is the use of bright colour.

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Art Every Day – April

April, oh April. What happened?

Well, I spent quite a bit of my creative energy on making some reduction lino prints, the results of which you see here. What you won’t miss though is that there are far fewer artworks than days. I completely lost it in April (art-every-day-wise!). For some reason, it became really hard to keep to a routine and I frequently found myself at the end of the day without having drawn anything and, rather than getting out pen and paper, instead I shrugged my shoulders and said “Oh well, it’s not the end of the world.”

Rather than give up though, I’ve called April a dud and got back into it in May.