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Emergence Drawings and Prints

These line drawings are chaotic. In the mathematical sense of the word. Originally inspired by patterns of fields in a landscape, they’re the product of the process of drawing, each one will be unique because they come about because of the tiny variations in the surface of the paper and the necessary wobbliness of drawing by hand.

As I’m drawing I often find that I set rules for myself and see where it takes me to follow them. I don’t think about these rules beforehand, they simply emerge from the first few lines I make. This set of drawings came about like that.

For this series, I took a simple line or curve and drew a line parallel to the first. Because I’m drawing freehand, there are ever so many tiny variations in what I draw, tiny bumps or wiggles the come from the movement of my hand, of the texture of the paper, of the pressure on the pen. I’ll then draw another line parallel to the first, trying to follow the tiny fluctuations in the first line rather than rule them out. The process continued until I’ve filled the page, the lines becoming more accentuated as they got further away from the source line. I began the series with one straight horizon line, and followed with a number of multiple lines and curved shapes.

I often work an idea two or three times and then move on but I decided to stick with this idea a little further to see where it might lead.

I took the process into print, making two cardboard printing plates, etched simply with biro lines and printing the patterned plates over monotype layers of random colour. I love the mix of graphic lines with textural elements and bright colour. Some of these are more successful than others as I have been learning how to get the best results from the printing press using different methods of inking the plates.

The prints are all roughly A4 size on A3 paper. I’m going to continue working on variations of this process over the next few weeks and will share the results with you all.

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