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Developing a visual language

I have always admired the artists whose work can be identified from a single glance because they have a consistent visual language that follows through no matter what medium they are working in. This year I have been trying (mostly failing – but trying nonetheless) to create regularly, daily. Some of this creativity has been in art, sometimes in writing, the results of which have been poetry for performances and occasional longer pieces that will hopefully one day become a book. In my art, I have been sporadic and visually all over the place. In recent months though, I think I may be getting closer to really honing in on a visual style that is all mine. Of course, there are influences from folk I admire but in print and drawing and painting, I believe I’m getting more consistent and original.

Here’s some recent work in a variety of media so you can see what I mean. I think there is an obvious style that follows through in all the work even though the images are a mixture of print and drawing techniques. Many of these are the results of the emergence drawings I did and blogged about previously. I’m now thinking of how to develop that in the new year as I’m going to develop more work about rituals and rites of passage.

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