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City of Stone Linoprint


I made this a couple of years ago now, but had never properly scanned one of my prints. I looked it out today because I was looking for an illustration for a magazine article. The illustration needs to do a couple of things, first it needs to show off my work, second, its in an article where I’m talking about Edinburgh so I thought this would fit nicely. Thirdly, it’s not an artistic audience, so I thought something representational would work better than some of my more abstract pieces.

It’s a linocut. I’ve not done lots, mainly to make Christmas cards. I love the look of them, but I find trying to get a good print very frustrating! It’s ok if they’re quite small but this one is A4 size and I think it really needs to be run through a press. I’m happy with roughly 50% of the prints I pull from it – that’s not really enough for my liking!

The words are lyrics from a song by the amazing Weatherfolk, written about the city at a time when they were living in Edinburgh. The buildings are all features of the Edinburgh skyline, Calton hill to the left, the Scott Monument in the middle and the castle on the right. I took some artistic liberty to get St Giles in the picture too.

I did make a stop-motion video of me cutting the lino for this print – take a look!

This little piece of nostalgia at looking this image out has made me think about dome some more printing!

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