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Art every day


This is a little 4 inch square drawing on heavyweight paper. I’ve made a little video of me drawing it in order to introduce my new every day project. Last year I made something most days, often it was art, but other times I wrote poetry or other things (and yes, some days I forgot!). This year I’m going to draw, paint or print something every day that I can post to instagram because that’s what people seemed to appreciate from my creative efforts last year. I’m using the same size for all my artwork to keep things consistent.

I’ve been doing a fair few drawings and prints in a similar style, that I’m calling ’emergence’ because the art emerges from the process of creating it. I’m hoping that doing a small drawing each day will allow those ideas to evolve slowly in a natural organic way and you’ll be able to see the development of them if you’re interested in following along.

Here’s my process video of this 1st January drawing, with my narration of the thought process behind it. You won’t get a video every day because it’s taken a lot longer to make the video than it did to do the drawing. It’s all been filmed and edited on my phone – isn’t technology brilliant!

Art every day 2016 from Lou Davis on Vimeo.

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  1. Happy New Year, sweet lady. May God’s blessings flow to/over you in quantities matching the (worldwide) bubbly last evening. May His love be expressed, as ever, though the beauty and creatively that flows from you. Cheers.

    1. Happy New Year, many thanks and good wishes and blessings to you and yours too.

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