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Art Every Day 2016 – Week 2

Week 2 has been generally less satisfying than week 1. I guess that’s always the case with developing rituals, as they remain the same, our approach to them fluctuates. Sometimes they are a joy, other times a chore. Not that these felt like a chore, just that as the pace of life picks up it’s easier to rush them, and by rushing, make mistakes. Also, I think it’s around this time that the questioning sets in, what am I doing this for? what benefit is it? My carefully thought through ideas about seeing evolution in design over weeks and months falter as I worry it’s in its second week it’s already too repetitive or, conversely, that my drawings are too safe and consistent and I should branch out more.

If my theory holds true, those feelings should dissipate over the next couple of weeks and I’ll really start seeing if there is meaning in the ritual and in the resulting art.

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